The Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust was established by the Tropicana Joint Venture to deliver lasting net-environmental benefit to the Great Victoria Desert through the provision of funds connected to TJV offsets strategy.

The Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust commenced operations in April 2014.

Purpose of the Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to achieve four principle objectives outlined in the Trust Deed:

  • Develop a Bioregional Management Plan for the Great Victoria Desert bioregions 1 and 2 (being the Trust Area);
  • Facilitate and/or undertake priority research identified in the Bioregional Management Plan at the landscape level and into threatened species including species considered to be of national environmental significance (NES) under the EPBC Act.
  • Fund on-ground environmental and conservation management at the landscape level, with emphasis on net conservation benefits to threatened species including those considered of NES under the EPBC Act.
  • Facilitate indigenous involvement in land management and conservation activities in support of the above objectives.