Malleefowl Workshop

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Guest speakers: Dr Blair Parsons, Dr Joe Benshemesh, Dr Rick Southgate, Dr Scott Thompson and the Spinifex Land Management Rangers Justin Graham, Liam Mulcahy & Scott Baird.

Thanks to all presenters for sharing their knowledge and to all who attended and helped in the discussions to determine priorities for this species.

Talk book and Blue Sheet 

Malleefowl Workshop TalkBook

Malleefowl Blue Sheet


Dr Blair Parson, MWH, Malleefowl ecology and management: a WA perspective

Justin Graham, Scott Baird and Liam Mulcahy, Spinifex Land Management, Threatened Species Work for Malleefowl.

Dr Scott Thompson, Terrestrial Ecosystems, Using high definition aerial photography to search for Malleefowl Mounds – Extension Hill case study

Amy Mutton DPaW -Malleefowl Presentation 2014