Trust Newsletter: August 2017

Click here to read about the latest activities and projects in the GVD for both the Trust and other stakeholders, including:


  • New Operations Manager and projects for the Trust
  • Trust’s management team visits the GVD
  • Burn rule and biodiversity mapping in Spinifex country
  • Donations now accepted
  • Identification of traditional burn patterns and practices
  • Extension to NAFI fire scar mapping
  • Malleefowl survey site selection completed
  • Adaptive Management Implementation Plan delivered
  • Maternity Leave and Motherhood – Kathryn Sinclair
  • Perspectives of a TAP member – Katherine Moseby

In our region:

  • Southern Deserts ranger forum a success
  • Sandhill Dunnart survey – Mr Lepidobolus
  • Spinifex Land Management receives ongoing funding