Malleefowl records project completed

The Trust is pleased to announce the completion of the Malleefowl Report collation project. This report brings together available information on Malleefowl records in the Great Victoria Desert (Shield and Central regions). 

The Department of Parks and Wildlife who completed this project on behalf of the Trust have also created two versions of a reporting form. The Full Malleefowl Form is designed to be used by environmental consultants or advisors conducting work on Malleefowl. The Simple Malleefowl Report form is designed to be used by members of the public / other non-environmental employees who may be able to identify Malleefowl based on their unique appearance. 

A database of the records has also been created. The idea of the database is that future identification records will be incorporated and knowledge of Malleefowl in the region will continually improve.