Others’ Activities in the GVD

Despite it being such a remote area, there are a number of activities happening in the GVD, in addition to those of the Trust, that are contributing to research and land management of the region’s biodiversity.  Active organisations and individuals include:

  • Spinifex Land Management – implementation of their Healthy Country Plan, including Buffel Grass control and Malleefowl mound monitoring. 
  • Jeff Turpin (Kingfisher Environmental Consulting) and Ron Johnstone  (WA Museum) – Scrub Robin monitoring.
  • Kingfisher Environmental Consulting for APA Group – Sandhill Dunnart pitfall trapping and radio-tracking along the APA Pipeline.
  • Jo Riley (PhD student) – Sandhill Dunnart research.

Two posters were recently produced for the International Mammal Convention held in Perth on 10-14 July.  

  1. Yellow Sandplain Mammals of the Great Victoria Desert; and
  2. Sandhill Dunnart Research in the GVD.





Page updated 25/07/2017