Expanding and Sharing Knowledge of the Great Victoria Desert

The Trust is committed to collating existing information on research and land management actions in the Great Victoria Desert and to share this information with Traditional Owners, government and non-government organisations, researchers, local communities, students, and the general public.

If you would like information or data that that the Trust has collected, please contact the Trust’s Operations Manager.

Available Resources

 Reports and plans created for the Trust [each links to a report]

>Sandhill dunnart documents

>Malleefowl documents


>Landscape management

  • Burn Rule and Biodiversity Mapping Project

GVD Biodiversity Trust Fact sheets [each links to a sheet]

  • GVD Current Projects & Achievements 2019
  • GVD Biodiversity Trust Fact Sheet 2019
  • Considering a Partnership with the Trust

 Tropicana Gold Mine and related ecological surveys [links to a report]

Annual reports 

Financial reports