The Great Victoria Desert

Biodiversity Trust

Our Projects

The Trust’s central objective is to conserve and increase knowledge of biodiversity in the Great Victoria Desert.

To facilitate this, the Trust has developed a bioregional plan for the Great Victoria Desert, and has supported a variety of activities including desktop studies, field surveys and initiatives, and workshops, including projects that have community benefits and build capacity for people to manage country.

A summary of each activity is here. Reports can be found against each activity below. [ill provide references for each]


  • Sandhill dunnart workshop November 2014 [link to workshop page on this species]
  • Malleefowl workshop November 2014 [link to workshop page on this species]
  • Southern marsupial mole workshop November 2014 [link to workshop page on this species]
  • Sandhill dunnart workshop March 2019
  • Fire workshop November 2018
  • Adaptive Management Implementation Plan for the GVD
  • Burn Rule and Biodiversity Mapping in Spinifex Lands

Fire in the landscape

  • Fire scar mapping to include the GVD using NAFI remote sensing
  • Fire scar mapping of the GVD using Landsat imagery
  • Traditional and contemporary fire patterns

Community support

  • Seed Funding for Spinifex Rangers – Minyma Uninypa – the Seed Women
  • Supporting indigenous rangers to attend NRM and indigenous forums

Threatened species

  • Research and Adaptive Management Plans
  • Sandhill dunnarts [link to current page]
  • Sandhill Dunnart
  • Sandhill dunnart camera trapping survey 2017
  • Sandhill dunnart pitfall trapping survey, including Malleefowl long-walks 2018
  • Malleefowl [link to current page, but not ‘more info etc etc’ at end]
    • Malleefowl Research and Adaptive Management
    • Malleefowl surveys in the GVD
    • Monitoring protocols for malleefowl in the GVD
    • LiDAR to detect malleefowl mounds in the GVD