The Trust contracted Peter Jacklyn from Charles Darwin University to complete long term fire history mapping for the Great Victoria Desert and the broader WA Rangelands.

This work is part of a larger initiative to extend the 250m fire scar mapping available through the NAFI website ( from the Kimberley to the boundaries of the wheatbelt in WA.

This completes a project funded originally by Rangelands NRM that added 11 years of fire history (2006-2016) across this WA Rangelands area. A further contract with Roy Hill added the years 2003 – 2005 across the same area and under this latest contract (funded by the Trust) the final years 2000-2002 have now been added which utilises all satellite imagery available from the MODIS satellites.

Now, the full fire histories for all the years 2000-2016 is available and the fire data is viewable and downloadable from the NAFI website

NAFI Fire Scar Mapping Final Report

GVDBT NAFI Fire Scar Mapping presentation- Peter Jacklyn CDU