Sandhill Dunnart Pitfall trapping survey – Greening Australia

The survey centred on two locations of likely occurrence (approx. 130 km apart) in the south-western Great Victoria Desert. It comprised pitfall trapping (October 2018) supplemented with the use of motion sensor cameras (August – October 2018). Sixteen survey sites were established across the two survey regions, with pitfall trapping conducted over seven consecutive nights (a total of 1,305 trap nights) and 64 cameras deployed for a minimum of 30 days (2,526 camera nights). Targeted searches for Malleefowl (long walks) were conducted across 62 km (i.e. 16 long walks) between Eastern and Western sites (in proximity to Sandhill Dunnart pitfall locations) across a range of habitats including Mulga habitat and recently burnt swathes.