The Trust recognises the knowledge and skills of the Traditional Owners of the Great Victoria Desert and will endeavour to involve Indigenous ranger groups in land management and conservation activities that the Trust partakes in and/or funds.

The Trust has been working with two traditional owner groups as part of the Adaptive Management Partnership (AMP) for the GVD – the Spinifex and Pilki People (represented by the Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation and the Spinifex Land Management team) and the Yilka People (represented by the Yilka Aboriginal Corporation and Central Desert Native Title Services).  The AMP has collectively produced an Adaptive Management Implementation Plan (AMIP) for the region through a series of three workshops held over 2016 and 2017.  The AMIP was completed in June 2017.

The Trust has also funded the Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation (PNAC), representing the Spinifex people, to undertake a Burn Rule and Biodiversity Mapping project on Spinifex country, to create ‘burn rules’ to protect important biodiversity and cultural sites during future fire implementation projects.   The Trust also engaged a PNAC representative as one of a number of key stakeholders and experts to input knowledge and advice into the Malleefowl Survey Site Selection project which was undertaken for the Trust by Gaia Resources.  

Information on both of these projects, the AMP and the AMIP, can be found in the Trust’s August 2017 newsletter.

In October 2017, the Spinifex Land Management (SLM) Rangers appeared on national television on the ‘Our Stories’ program on NITV which can be viewed for a limited time here.   In the heart of Western Australia’s spinifex country, rangers from Australia’s ten deserts met to share their experiences and discuss threats facing their lands.

The Spinifex Rangers also recently won the Western Australian Indigenous Landcare Award for following traditional Pila Nguru Anangu (Spinifex people) land care practices and innovative approaches to more recent environmental threats.

Page updated 16/11/2017