Donations Welcome

The Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust is a registered charitable organisation that can now accept donations from individuals and/or organisations.  Donations of any amount are welcomed.

Donations can be e-mailed (for credit card payments), posted (for payments by credit card or cheque), or paid in person (for cash, cheque or credit card payments). A donation receipt will be provided to all donors, and where authorised, donors will be acknowledged on the Trust’s website.  Please note that donations are not tax-deductible.

Your donation is very much appreciated!

 Your contribution will help the Trust to continue its research and land management efforts for biodiversity conservation in the Great Victoria Desert

Donating is simple: click here

 for instructions and to arrange payment.

Donations to the Trust have been received from:

  • APA Group, EGP project team.  

Thank you to APA Group’s EGP project team for contributing $500 in April 2017 – the Trust’s first donation.

EGP project team: Brynne Jayatilaka (APA), Joanna Riley and Jeff Turpin (Kingfisher Environmental Consulting), with Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Sean L’Estrange (left)