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Our Trust information and data are freely available to the community to support survey work, plan for future land management, education and to conduct research.

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Using our data?

When you use Trust data there are some associated expectations.

That you acknowledge the Trust program as the data source and include the Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust in the acknowledgment section of your published report/paper/thesis.

Why?…. We can then record that our infrastructure and data are being used, which makes it more likely to continue to be funded. Consequently, we will be able to continue to provide you and your colleagues with top quality data and samples into the future.

That you understand that data collected on Traditional Owner or Custodian country requires their permission to use as a respect to their culture and traditions.

Why? …. The Trust recognises the importance and sensitivity of data collected on the country of the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Great Victoria Desert. Some data and samples were collected for use by Traditional Owners and Custodians and so its use will require their permissions too.

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That you send us copies of papers, books, book chapters, and conference papers etc. that have been created using any of our data as soon as possible after their acceptance.

Why? …. This allows us to easily track the use of our information. It also enables us to add your citation to our website (we also encourage links to research gate etc) which potentially increase the exposure of your research – potentially leading to higher citation rates.

That you consider a more significant collaboration with the Trust.

Why? … We have established a strong network of colleagues across community sectors of the Great Victoria Desert. Furthermore, our Technical Advisory Panel has a breadth of experience in designing and collecting information in arid zones, and have been advising the Trust for over five years. As a result they may be able to contribute ideas or assistance to your project. We’re also happy to publish details of the collaboration on this website, with links to your research profile and / or your research group web page, potentially increasing the awareness of your research as well.

All photos throughout are © copyright to Dr Garry Middle, Ian Anderson and the GVD Biodiversity Trust.